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Shoulder Library Content

The Shoulder Library provides links to detailed medical information as described in each Library Category. Refer to the Category Descriptions below to select the proper category.

To view videos regarding specific shoulder surgical procedures click on the "Shoulder Library">"Surgical Videos" menu in column to the right or click on the Shoulder Surgical Videos Link here.



Shoulder Injuries

Information for shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears, chronic shoulder instability, shoulder dislocation, fracture of the shoulder blade, shoulder separation, and other common shoulder injuries. 


Shoulder Diseases and Condition

Information regarding shoulder diseases such as arthritis, Erb's palsey, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, and shoulder pain.


Shoulder Treatment and Surgeries

General information for shoulder treatments and surgeries such as arthroscopy, surgery, shoulder joint replacement, reverse total shoulder replacement, and rotator cuff tear treatment options.


Shoulder Surgical Videos

Surgical videos deailing specific surgical procedures such as AC joint repair, shoulder repair, and rotator cuff repair.