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Forms Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a listing of frequently asked questions regarding the use of printed forms and secure forms for first visit patient information. 


What is the difference between printed and secure forms? 

Printed forms are forms provided on this website as Adobe PDF documents that are printed by the patient from their personal printer, filled out at their convenience and brought to the office for the initial office visit.  

Secure forms are PDF documents that are filled out on-line and stored in our secure data servers for printout by our office personnel. These forms are provided for patient review and signatures at patient sign-in at our office.  All forms submitted in this manner comply with HIPPA regulations for safegaurding patient information and are transmitted to our office via secure encryption methods.



What are the advantages of using the printed forms? 

Printed forms can be printed on a patient's personal printer and filled out when convenient for the patient.



Are there any disadvantages to using printed forms? 

Yes. Once the printed forms are filled out care must be taken to ensure any personal information written onto the forms remains confidential. Misplaced or stolen forms could result in private information being made available to unknown persons.



What are the advantages of using the secure forms? 

Most patients find the Secure Forms easier to fill out and once Secure Forms are submitted they are automatically transmitted to our secure data servers. There is no need to keep track of the completed forms. 



What is so 'secure' about these forms? 

Secure Forms comply with HIPPA regulations for sfegaurding patient information and are transmitted via ssecure encryption methods.  There is no copy of the forms residing on the patient's computer so there is no confidential information stored in a patient's computer.