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Dr. Steven C. Dickhaut, M.D.
Dr. Steven C. Dickhaut, M.D. -- Team Orthopaedic Surgeon for Stephen F. Austin Athletics
Dr. Steven C. Dickhaut, M.D. -- Team Orthopaedic Surgeon for Stephen F. Austin Athletics

East Texas Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

East Texas Orthopaedic delivers the highest standard of orthopaedic care and personal attention to each patient seeking our expertise. Whether a patient’s need arises from a sports injury, accident, or illness our physician is uniquely qualified to provide quality medical services to achieve the best results.   Dr. Dickhaut is Board Certififed and a Member of the Athroscopy Association of North America. 

Dr. Dickhaut is one of the only Surgeon’s in East Texas who performs Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery. This allows the patient to return to their normal activities sooner with less post op pain and helps ensure the optimal outcome for our patients.

 As a Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Dickhaut is very involved with providing care and treatment to our local school athletes. He is also the Team Physician for all the Athletes at Stephen F. Austin.   With Dr. Dickhaut’s 30 + years in the field of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine he has written many articles that have been published, spoken at various seminars and instructed other surgeons on new techniques for arthroscopic surgeries.


Areas of Specialization  


Shoulder Arthroscopy
Arthroscopic Shoulder Reconstruction
Rotator Cuff Repair 



Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
Knee Ligament Surgery
Total Knee Replacement 


Athletic Rehabilitation

* Knee Rehabilitation
*Shoulder Rehabilitation
*Elbow Rehabilitation
*All Other Sports Injuries 


Our Facilities

* In office X-ray Services
* Rehabilitation Exercises/Instructions
* Bracing/Casting